Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Wintery Spring in Northern Michigan

Today is Sunday, April 17, 2011. We are trying to keep the water lines in our Airstream from freezing in the below freezing temps which began with an early spring snow/sleet/tiny hail storm last night.  Propane is very expensive and we are filling our bottles a couple of times a week. We finally brought in an electrically operated oil heater (looks like a mini-radiator) from the pole barn to help. Electricity is much less expensive here than propane.  It is absolutely essential that we keep the trailer warm in order to help keep the pipes from freezing.

I took the above picture through the window of the trailer (you can see the screen in the pic) about the time the sun would normally have risen this morning. This weather is being predicted for the next 5-6 days. I hope it doesn't hold up the beginning excavation of the house - but it might.  BTW - I did not use a flash for this pic. as it would have created a blinding glare against the glass and thus the deep blue color. It is really a dismal gray :D  The clouds visible in the pic. are deep charcoal gray - the sky is completely overcast;  a good day to read, write, and/or knit.

Our dogs, Daisy and Molly, seem to love playing in this stuff. I'll have to try and get some pictures of them running, chasing each other, visiting the neighboring horses, rough-housing, and just generally having a good time.  In fact, I really have to keep my camera with me at all times as there are so many interesting sights and things going on. We've had hundreds of geese fly overhead as they return to their summer habitat on the Boardman River in Traverse City. I did not have my camera at the ready and therefore no pictures.


  1. I love pictures in the 'blue hour!' But, I thought it was only in the evenings that you could catch it! Sorry you are freezing your tukus! It has been unseasonably warm here. (80's)
    Oh yes, I understand about propane too! Quite expensive this year for us! ~ Lynda

  2. Welcome back to Michigan! Did you wake up to seven inches of fresh snow this morning, too? Stay warm,

  3. @Lynda - I took that "blue" picture through the front window of the trailer. This window has a tinted panel over it which is not blue in real life but turned out very blue in the picture.

    @Angela - we actually had 8.5" here in Lake Ann. :D MI just couldn't let us get away with skipping winter this year.

  4. Our living conditions share some similarities Lindy, we live in a 30x12 trailer which is just a little larger than yours - however our advantage is that we have a stove in which we can burn turf (peat) and wood! The winter here in Ireland was unusually cold and we were toasty warm all winter :)