Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Pole Barn continued. . .

We have more pictures of our pole barn. This is being built according to my husband, Doug's,  plans - we have not seen it yet.  This is an interesting concept; to have a building built for you when you are not there and won't be there until sometime after it is finished.  

Doug will be taking a load in mid - to late October - he will be renting a 24' Budget truck to haul the first load of "stuff". I cannot help but wonder why we feel we need so much stuff? We have already gotten rid of a lot and will get of even more before that final move. In the meantime we are spending a few thousand  dollars moving what we feel we cannot part with. While he is gone the Arizona house will be at least 1/2 empty and I will begin giving the inside of the house a fresh coat of paint.

Work aside - here are the pictures of the pole barn. Since these pics. were taken our contractor has begun to put the siding on the building. 

Facing north towards our woods. The house will be to the right of this picture.

Facing east. If the house was built it would be seen from this direction and slightly to the right. The woods are to the left of the picture.

This picture was taken facing northwest and the big door entrance to the pole barn.  The "man" door is to the left of the big door. There will be another "man" door" on the northwest end of the pole barn.  Our woods are to the right.

The floor has been poured.

Siding - ready to go on last.

Light green siding - the dark green trim can be seen just to the left of the siding.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Street Address and Electricity

Lot #2 now has a bonafide street address. Cherryland Electric called a few days ago. They needed information so they can begin sending us a bill for electricity. The electricity has been run from Maple City Highway to our property and the meter will be put on the pole barn as soon as the siding is on.

One step at a time.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Building has Commenced

Our builder/contractor and our real estate agent are also a husband/wife team and our neighbors down the road a piece. They have sent pictures of the building of our pole barn - the first building to take place on our property.

The pole barn will eventually be my husband's work area. However, in the beginning it will have to be the storage area for all of our "stuff" while we build our house. The house will not be started until we get there. We will be living in a rather smallish travel type trailer - hopefully beginning this coming spring. I say hopefully because our house still has to sell. The timing needs to be right for all this (who ever heard of the timing being right to sell a house?).  We have to remain here until my husband can retire March 1, 2011. We would like to stay until about mid- March when the weather begins to warm slightly in northern MI. That travel trailer will have heat but it won't be winterized.  In fact, we don't even have this trailer yet so if anyone in northern MI happens to have a rather decent 31' - 32' Airstream for sale please let me know.

We are looking at our 5 acre piece behind this sign.  Sold: May 7, 2010.

Beginning to move the dirt in order to level the ground for the pole barn.

More earth moving.

Now things are getting exciting. Building materials on site. The pole barn has begun. :)

Today is Labor Day,  September 6, 2010. The roof is scheduled to be started today. More pictures to follow.