Thursday, September 8, 2011

Almost a month since my last post . . .

Someone once said, "time flies when you're having fun". If that's true then we must be having a blast up here in northern MI. I can't attest to having a blast as we work throughout each and every day painting all the new drywall in the house and sealing all the clear pine trim and all interior doors but it is getting done and we are saving a bit of $$$$ doing this part of the building ourselves.

Looking into the house proper from the entry as we prepare to paint.  We are using low VOC paint throughout.  The "big closet" (see below) is to the left with the front door (not installed yet) to the right. The door to the backyard (will have a doggy door cut into it) will be to the left and the garage is behind the camera.

The "Great Room". The smaller window is in the kitchen looking to the east.

A wonderfully big closet in the entry.

A smaller closet in the entry.  The door into the garage is to the left.

In the pole barn - some of the 2000' + linear feet of trim. We are using a PolyAcrylic to provide a clear finish - much nicer to work with than polyurethane.  The PolyAcrylic has almost no odor which makes it a tad healthier for people and the planet.

Doug is getting a bit punchy from all this . . .

 The hole in the wall is the future laundry chute.  The window is in the kitchen.

Looking from the Great Room into the Office.  The entry room is to the left of picture.

Doug is trying to use up the last little bit of primer.

While we are painting inside our contractor, Matt Kroll, is putting the siding on our house - sage green - we love it.  This is the garage - the tiny piece visible in the center is the entry (octagon window) with the house in the background.
Choosing a siding was not easy - vinyl is an oil based product which we had hoped to stay away from but we also had to factor in cost. This particular vinyl is insulated which will help on heating/cooling of the house.

Matt Kroll, Kroll Contracting, on a makeshift scaffold as he puts up some of the garage siding.  As of this writing the siding on the entire structure is about 1/2 complete.