Sunday, February 21, 2010

Welcome to "A Thyme for Dreams"

I have a passion! Actually, I have many passions - one of them being herbs. What are herbs? Webster quite simply defines an herb as “any seed plant whose stem withers away to the ground after each season’s growth, as distinguished from a tree or shrub whose woody stem lives from year to year; any plant used as medicine, seasoning, or food." We, and this includes scientists, now know that there are many trees, shrubs, bushes, and plants that are perennial and are classified as herbs. Did you know, for example, that asparagus is considered a medicinal herb as well as food? The first herbs on Earth were growing thousands of years ago, wild plants provided for us by Mother Nature to nourish and sustain life on this marvelous planet we call home. Many of these herbs in the wild are now in danger of extinction. There is great need for us to learn to save these wild varieties, to learn to cultivate them while continuing to maintain the true nature of the wild plant. Many people are working on this: farmers, scientists, and backyard gardeners. There is also a tremendous need for education. Without knowledge and understanding of our need for these plants we will lose them and thus lose one of the most important gifts Mother Nature has provided for us. 
My own quest has taken me through decades of reading, growing, and eating herbs. I have used herbs for medicine, in cooking, and for their beauty in my garden. I have made a few of my own tinctures, vinegars, salves, and infusions. I have dried my own herbs for use during winter. I have barely scratched the surface of knowledge regarding these magical plants. There are many people who are now making wonderful herbal products: strong tinctures that work to nourish and heal beyond anyone’s best hopes, excellent dried herbs, grown organically or sustainably wildcrafted, for use in teas and infusions, soaps, lotions, and other skin care products that benefit us topically from the healing power of the plants. There are beautiful herbal gardens all across this country that one can visit to take in the visual and emotional beauty provided for us by the plants. And so, taking a good look at all that is being done I wondered what I could do within this glorious and magical world of herbs that would benefit others and also provide for my need to do something useful as a newly retired school teacher. 
 “A Thyme for Dreams” was born.

Won't you join me on my journey using the magical herbs to transport us into the mysterious world of dreams?

"A Thyme for Dreams" produces lovely little dream pillows. These small pillows -average 3"X3" (give or take a bit) - are made of 100% pre-washed cotton fabrics, stuffed with natural, organic or wildcrafted dried herbs which are sandwiched between a thin layer of poly fiberfill for added softness. The herbs are specially blended to help you dream pleasant dreams. 

Please visit my Etsy page - "DreamThyme" for more information about these dream pillows, what the blends mean in terms of dreams, pictures of the pillows, and purchasing information. 

For more about "A Thyme for Dreams" visit my website at:

I will keep you updated here on this blog of the many benefits of the various herbal blends, workshops and classes I will be providing, new products, and other bits of herbal wisdom, myth, and folklore. 

Thank you for joining me. I look forward to hearing from you.