Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Very Wintery Spring

Eight inches of snow on April 21, 2011
Eight inches of snow fell in northwestern Michigan beginning early last evening and continuing through most of the night. This morning I awoke to a winter wonderland. I must admit to the beauty of the scene outside the window of our Airstream in spite of the fact we are now one month into spring. In a little while, after a cup of warming coffee, I will don my Sorrels and venture out to take some pictures of this amazing springtime scene. Right now my husband is out with the dogs and shoveling snow. I hope he takes some pictures of them playing in the snow.

Jeep and picnic table
Dogs' outside water bowl rimmed in snow.

IPR (Interlochen Public Radio) is reading of the names of schools closed today. I wonder why the announcer doesn't just name those schools that are open today - that list is much shorter as only a few schools are trying to open across the northern part of lower Michigan.

Our woods just behind the pole barn.

Our wheelbarrow, upside down and a bench next to Airstream

Molly and Daisy learning about snow.

I can't write today without talking a little about the Deepwater Disaster/Gulf Oil Spill - one year ago today and BP is still managing to escape taking full responsibility. While that battle continues and while Diane Wilson is arrested in London for protesting against BP BP is continuing plans to drill in tar sands.  Pictures, as grim reminders of the horrific devastation, are on the Internet for all to see, for all to remember.  We must not forget and we must not stop working for justice for our planet.  Ram Dass said it best many decades ago, "Never forget lessons learned".

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