Thursday, April 28, 2011

Living Green in a Tin Can: #1 Laundry Day

I've been trying to publish this post for days. The snow in the picture below is gone but the rain continues - and continues - and continues. The waterfowl are happy, our dogs even enjoy it. I've had enough but there is still more rain in the forecast and these weatherpeople up here seem to be at least 99% correct all of the time.

Here is the "tin can"

. . . and following is the "living green".

Full credit for the title of this series goes to Susan Tweit.  Susan had suggested this title as a blog series a few days ago and I have been thinking about it ever since. I love the title and it certainly fits.

One of my goals in this life is to live as "green" as possible.  Living in this Airstream allows for an even greater challenge to this goal.  Living in less than 300 sq.ft. produces amazing amounts of chaos and disorganization not to mention stress/tension.  Fortunately we had the pole barn (behind the trailer) built first; it is now filled with most of our earthly belongings, stacks and stacks of boxes piled high.  A bit of what we absolutely have to have for daily living has slowly been found and brought into the Airstream. The rest will just have to wait until the house is built, and yes, this includes all but a couple of my books.

One of my first "green" goals was to set up my laundry. Although we sold our washer/dryer with our house in AZ we had an old washer which we brought with us for use in the pole barn. The first thing Doug did was get that hooked up to a water source. Then came the clotheslines. We did not bring a dryer and do not want to buy a new set until the house is ready; thus waiting for sunny days and doing laundry in an old washer in cold water is our only option other than driving 16.3 miles into Traverse City to use a laundromat.

Laundry Day

Two lines strung between two trees and held apart with two poles = engineering Doug style :D 


  1. I love it! We also have no dryer. Have been using a folding indoor drying rack all winter and just recently have hung a few loads outside. But not with all this rain, of course! Hopefully you can get that house built soon :)

  2. Thanks Dwija, I really appreciate your comments. I can imagine children's clothing hanging to dry throughout your house. I've "been there, done that". :D