Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How to Move Two Cats 2250 Miles While Remaining Sane

We are preparing to move in 15 days. Our kitties need some special care to keep them comfortably confined during the long journey from south central Arizona to northern Michigan. 

This is Ayla, our little "Orca" kitty helping me sort clothes - some going to Goodwill, some to the rag bag, and some to be packed for the move.  Ayla is an exceptionally curious cat and usually right in the middle of all the action.

This is my big all black girl, Emily, checking out the carrier which will house both kitties during the trip. They will ride in this two-story "home" complete with litter box, 2 food bowls and a water bowl during the day and will be allowed out when we stop in pet-friendly motels each evening.  Emily really likes her perch and spends the better part of every day in here. Ayla has bothered to stick her head in and then leave. Ayla is not impressed.


  1. should be fun Lindy. And how are the dogs with travelling?

    hope you're building in nice breaks and rewards for all your efforts.

    the thing I found when I gave away everything I owned and then moved back to Dublin before Xmas was that for 2 weeks I felt like something was missing.

    Woke up one morning and the missing piece was there ... I think it was some part of me that just takes a little longer to leave the old place and travel across to the new place. This happenrs when I fly to Australia ... takes a few days for a part of me to catch up.


    Take good care on this fab new adventure. What's the weather like for all the travel?


  2. Hi, Liz. Thanks for visiting me here. :D Our dogs will handle the trip better than the cats. I will have one dog riding in the back seat of our Jeep (cat carrier will be behind the back seat) and Doug will have one dog riding with him in the moving truck - we will probably switch dogs back and forth. Our vet is going to prescribe a mild sedative for each critter kid to help them handle the trip with less stress as none of them spends much time riding in cars.

    I think that what you mentioned about "something missing" is really common to all living beings. We become accustomed to things being a certain way and our "stuff" always being in a certain place. Then we up and change everything and we're a bit lost for a while. When I moved our dogs' food/water bowls from the spot they had been in for years to a new spot the girls continued to go back to the old place for weeks before they finally got used to the fact things had changed. We are prepared to give all our girls lots of extra attention and one of us will stay with them at all times until they have become accustomed to their new home in MI. We have a plan for acclimating them. :D

  3. Hi Lindy! Thank you for following my blog :) How exciting that your move is finally here! Bless you that you're doing this with pets. I don't know how we would have been able to handle it all if pets were included. I look forward to keeping up with your journey.

    All the best,


  4. Hi, Dweej, Dwija - what a pretty name. Thanks for commenting and following my blog :). My next blog post will include our 2 dogs who will have a slightly easier time of this trip than the cats. Our vet is prescribing mild tranquilizers - for the critter kids not for me :(. If I have my geography correct you are somewhere in the vicinity of Kalamazoo. We are due north (almost) about 200 miles.

    BTW - I totally understand all those questions that start with the big eyes opened wide in wonderment (wondering just how crazy we are) and saying in amazement, "MICHIGAN !!!!!- you're going to freeze your a_ _ e _ off! Well, #1 - I'm a native and I'm ready to go home and #2 - here in the Sonoran Desert we melt our a _ _ e _ off. LOL!!!! :D

    Back to packing - YUCK!

  5. Oh Lindy, This is so exciting! I would have told you sooner but I just happened to drop in today. I haven't figured out how your "Follow this blog" works in Blogspot. Sorry. But I think I saw a subscribe by email button just now so I will try that instead!

    I am so happy for you! Sending Blessings for your safe journey to your new home!