Thursday, March 10, 2011


March 9, 2011 was the closing date on our Arizona property. We will remain in the house until Wednesday, March 30 when we leave Aguila, trucks and trailers filled with our personal belongings, and head for our property in northern MI.  

We are planning a couple of family get-togethers prior to leaving, that along with packing up the house and shop will make for a very busy next 20 days.  Twenty days, oh my! Will I ever get it all done?  Time to bring in all the boxes we have been collecting, saving, and storing in the shop, dust them off and get busy. 

Until next time, onward and upward, Lindy


  1. Congratulations, Lindy! The sale comes at the perfect time for a spring move to your new life. Hard work, yes, and lots to do--but such fun!

  2. Thank you, Susan :D. Hard physical work - good for the soul and for the muscles. Taking seeds with me to do some instant gardening.