Sunday, February 20, 2011

Countdown to April 2011

House in Eagle Roost, Aguila, AZ - 02/2011

I don't want to get too excited, not yet anyway. However, we have a buyer for our house, the home sale is in escrow and the "SALE PENDING" sign has been hung from the "FOR SALE" sign. This is good. If all goes according to plan we will close on Monday, April 4, 2011 and drive off into the rising sun heading east back to Michigan and our property.  

I have no false hopes regarding the difficulty of this forthcoming trip.  My husband, Doug, will be driving a 26' Budget rental truck and possibly/probably towing trailer. He will have room on the seat of the truck for 1 dog. Molly will be his one dog as the truck is too high for Daisy to navigate with her bad hip.  I will be driving our wonderful Subaru Forester with 2 cats and Daisy and possibly, but not necessarily probably, towing another small trailer.


  1. Hello, there. I found your blog via Wool and Honey this evening. I just wanted to wish you the very best with your "pending sale." I know how long the house-selling game can be, and I hope this chapter goes smoothly for you. Maybe we'll run into one another in lovely Cedar this spring!

  2. Hi, Zane. Thank you for your comment. We are holding our breath until Wednesday, March 9 - the date scheduled for closing. I visited your lovely blog, "Amabellen" and look forward to more of your writing. I remember living in TC when my boys were young: the snowmen, snow caves, sledding in the alleys, wet, cold little boys (2) who never wanted to come in. Then we moved out to Old Mission where they had hills to sled on while I held my breath always hoping and praying they would avoid the trees as they came crashing downhill on their saucers, laughing uproariously. Thanks for the memories.

  3. How nervous and excited you must be! Hope all goes well and that the weather cooperates when it is time for you to hit the road!

  4. We are indeed nervous and excited. CLosing has been moved ahead - we may actually be in MI by April 4 rather than just leaving AZ. Time to wait patiently. :D

  5. What an adventure!!!
    Belated wishes for a safe trip!