Thursday, June 30, 2011

Trusses, Trusses, and More Trusses

Trusses everywhere and still not finished.

These strange looking trusses are part of the octagon roof on the house. 

Smaller trusses over the entry.

Entry . . . 

 These smaller trusses will fill in part of the octagon roof.


  1. Wow! There's been a lot going on, Lindy! Lookin' good, I must say. Love the concrete floors.

  2. Thanks, Sherrie. :D My "studio" will be in the lower level (concrete floors). I have a spot chosen for my turtle collection including the wonderful turtle pictures you drew.

  3. Lindy this is so exciting! I missed a few posts and suddenly, you have most of a house... my favorite part? The conservatory! You will be the only person I know that ever built one. What will you grow in it? Perhaps it will be an orangery? Will you set it up so you can bask in there in winter? Will it gain solar heat to be pumped into the rest of you home? Too many questions??? LOL!
    ~ Lynda ~