Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day, 2011

The afternoon of Memorial Day, 2011 was bright and warm with sunshine, fresh air, and birds singing. Doug wanted to go to the beach. We loaded up the dogs and lots of old towels and headed to a beach in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore about 10 miles west of our home. This particular stretch of beach allows pets on leashes and so, armed with harnesses, leashes, and "poop" bags, we headed for the beach. I was surprised at the low population level as we walked for nearly a mile along the shore. The water was bitterly cold but Doug braved the cold in his effort to get the dogs to go in the water. Molly was nervous about the waves crashing on shore but finally went in. Daisy also went in but for some reason did not get her picture taken.

On our way home we stopped at Norconck Asparagus Farm and bought 10 pounds of fresh picked asparagus. As soon as we got it home we set aside about 1.5 pounds to grill for our dinner that night. The rest we blanched and froze. 

The pictures refused to rotate and so some of them are sideways.

Doesn't this asparagus look absolutely yummy?  It was :D!  We grilled some for our dinner and with a slice of fresh Pleasanton Brick Oven Bakery bread grilled with Raclette Cheese  melting over the grilled bread we had a simple and delicious meal.

We now have about 8.5 pounds of fresh asparagus in the freezer for winter.


  1. That asparagus DOES look delicious!!! :D

  2. Yum - I grilled some asparagus last week with lemon and garlic. It was delicous. Lindy - looking forward to seeing your home progress. We build a log home a few years ago here in Michigan. Love it. Check out my blog - we have some things in common.

  3. Jane, thank you for your comment and for pointing me in the direction of your blog. I love your blog and will be spending some time there but perhaps not so much this summer. The house is moving along rapidly and there is much that I must be involved in. Then there is the food - fresh, local - which I am planning to process and store for the winter. I am planning lots of fruit for the freezer, some dehydrated, but probably no canning this summer. It is just too hot in the trailer to even turn a burner on for a few minutes let alone for canning.