Thursday, June 30, 2011

The House is Beginning to Look Like a . . . HOUSE!

Roof trusses went up today on walls that were framed in a coupled of days ago.

The crane arrived about 9:00 this morning. The driver picked up a truss and raised the boom. The boom went up . . .

. . . and up
 . . . and up

. . . and up some more - about 60' into the sky until it became a sky hook catching clouds.

What, no clouds!?   OK, no clouds, but it did hook a monster truss.

Moving the truss into place. Would it knock Steve off the roof I wondered?

 Gently and carefully moving the monster truss into place right at the edge of the garage.

Just a little more . . .

They did it - YAY!!!!

First truss in place with only two or three dozen more to go.  :D

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