Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Lot of House Has Been Built Since June 7

The house is growing:

Preparing the lower foundation for the floor joists.

The ladder is needed until stairs are installed to the lower level.

Lower level. This is not a basement as such but is the lower level of our bilevel home. The purpose of colored concrete - no additional floor covering other than area rugs.

Someday there will be stairs in this stair well.  (I hope:)

Walls for the rooms in the lower level are framed.

The large open space to the right will be a family room/my studio combo.

Construction site - obviously no landscaping until all this is gone.

This is Doug doing something with the preparation for the floor joists.

Matt Kroll is our contractor. I wonder if he is ordering the wood to stay in place - or else? :D

The floor joists are in place.

The colored concrete in foreground is part of the entry to the house.

We have a sub-floor. :D

The excess was cut off - not unlike trimming around a pie crust.

Upper level walls are up.  The section on left is the entry and leads into the bilevel - you can see the 2 levels here. The large opening in the house will be a sliding glass door which will open onto a deck.  The two long windows at the bottom are for the family room/studio in the lower level.

Back of entry - there will be a back door and a doggy door; slab for garage is to the right.

Another sliding door off the master bedroom at the back (north) of house. Entry room is to the right. The window at the bottom is an "egress" window from the guest bedroom - required by code.

Garage slab in foreground, entry (narrow framed portion in middle), house.

Roof trusses have arrived.

We have mountains of dirt.

More wood. I thank the trees that provided us with the wood for our home.

The concrete structure off to the right of picture is going to be an attached greenhouse. Because the house itself is an octagon and the greenhouse is almost all glass it is positioned to catch the east, south, and southwest sun all winter and this will provide passive solar heat into the upper level of the house as well as plants and salad greens all winter.  We are looking for one of those tiny round cocktail tables and two chairs to put in the greenhouse - great place for morning coffee with terrific views of the surrounding countryside.

My temporary clotheslines in the background with our forest just behind the lines. Once the house is finished permanent clotheslines will be positioned more conveniently to the back of the house.

This is a better view of the greenhouse foundation with colored concrete floor. The areas cut out from the concrete will be small sliding doors (one on each side) onto the deck.

The house, Airstream, and pole barn with our woods to the right in back.

Spirit tree rises over all.  This is an American Basswood (Linden) tree which stands sentinel at the entrance to our land and rises nearly 50' as it reaches skyward.

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  1. Lindy I can feel the excitement! Your house is really coming together nicely. The pictures make it look HUGE! Is it? :)