Saturday, May 21, 2011

Seen on This Morning's Walk

Everyday and every walk brings something new. Today we saw a huge turkey - Doug guessed him to be about 35 pounds. I was hanging on to Molly who wanted only to chase so therefore did not get a picture but I did get a picture of his tracks (below).

A view from our 3 mile morning walk.

Turkey tracks in dry sand.

Same turkey but in wet sand.

Who made this hole and for what purpose?

Fascinating knot in an old Maple.

How long ago did this board become ingrown into this Maple?


  1. Incredible!

    We have a small flock of wild turkeys who patrol our "neighborhood" and oh my gosh our dogs want to chase them so badly! It's almost out of control... ;)

  2. Last night I watched as a huge turkey went waddling across the backyard and then in a completely ungainly manor, lifted his wings and flew (like an elephant) to the top of a 35' conifer.

  3. Lindy, your description is perfect! Made me laugh out loud!

  4. Thanks, Lynda :D I do wish I could have taken a video of that fellow - it was a funny sight - made me laugh to watch him. :D