Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Footings Poured

The footings have been poured. In these pictures you can see the octagon shape of the house.

There was a lot going on outside the trailer with two huge cement trucks pouring at once. In the meantime our most curious kitty, Ayla, was working on trying to escape the confines of the tin can (Airstream).  I foiled her attempt - thank goodness. 


  1. Lindy, is this slab on grade? Are you going to post house plans? I can't wait to see this come together! Welcome Home!

  2. Hi, Brad. No slab - the house is a bilevel - gives us a relatively small sq. footage on main floor (948 sqft) and a partially out-of-the-ground lower level which is completely usable and will house an insulated walk-in pantry, mechanical, laundry/bathroom and a guest room. You are more than welcome to come out for a visit - just let me know when so we will know to be home. As for posting the plans - not sure if I know how to get the big blueprint online. :D

    The forms for the foundational walls are being put down now.

    I had hoped o get gardens started but these monster trucks and monster piles of dirt everywhere are hampering my growing abilities. The trucks are also compacting the soil :(

  3. Lindy, When we did some remodeling to our home in California we made the mistake of trying to do some landscaping in between the construction steps. BIG mistake! All I can tell you is, "Have patience Grasshopper!" It will get done, and you will have lots of time to work on your gardens when the big monster trucks leave. Meanwhile, you are moving right along with your construction and that is a good thing! I'm so excited for you! ~ Lynda

  4. Thank you, Lynda - it really helps to have your feedback. I need comments from outside my tiny world to help keep things in proper perspective. :D