Saturday, May 7, 2011

Let the Games Begin: Day 2.

The heavy machinery used for the actual digging was done on Friday, May 6, 2011.  Two additional men, two monster trucks, and two large pieces of "digging" machinery did the entire job of excavation in one day. Fortunately they were almost finished when it began to rain. The heavy equipment is now gone with the next step being the footings.

How to Build a Mountain

. . . unearthing the earth :D

The equipment is gone now.  Doug went into the hole for the lower level (bilevel house) and the girls followed. They (girls:) think this is one huge playground just for them.


  1. OHMYGOSH! Yay! Look at that *progress*!!! :D

  2. In our dogs world everything we do is for their amusement ... and I think we do a lot that amuses them!

  3. @Dweej, I had to laugh at "House Unseen . . . " as my house is also unseen - at least at this stage of the game. :D

    @Liz, how right you are. I can see my dogs laughing at me as I write this. LOL!!! :D

  4. That's deep excavation, are you guys putting in a basement? It's great to see progress, I am excited for you!

  5. Hi Scrib. Half basement - this house will be a bi-level. The basement will be down about 4'. The actual sq. footage of the house is relatively small but with a lower level we will have space for a pantry, furnace room, laundry, etc.