Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Pole Barn is Completed

October 13, 2010 - the pole barn is complete. The lines for electricity, phone and DSL have been run to the property. The well was scheduled to have been dug today.  

There is electricity into the pole barn - let there be light :D

This is the front of the pole barn facing east.  It is a 40' X 40' structure from which Doug will eventually run his business, Barnes Aero. In the meantime this space will house our worldly possessions while we build the house and garage.  When we find our travel trailer to live in during construction it will be parked on the apron in front of the pole barn. 

Interior of PB littered with falling leaves from our woods.  Electric box is on the rear left corner of the back (west) wall. Back door is to the right. This picture is looking west.

North side - back door and small pad.

South side looking north. Our woods are in the background. When the house is built it will be to the right of the PB and out of the picture.

Clara Lane in the lower right corner. This is the back - west side -  of the pole barn - looking east. 

Clara Lane looking west toward Maple City Hwy.  Cathy, our only other neighbor on Clara Lane, lives in the house in the background (house built by Kroll Contracting). She is about 1/4 mile west of us at the very beginning of Clara Lane where the lane meets the highway.

Fall, 2010. Changing colors in our woods.

The brilliant orange is the same tree as above but about 2 weeks later. Matt (Kroll Contracting), our contractor and neighbor out on Maple City Hwy. is standing where our well will be drilled.  If the house was built Matt would be standing behind the house.  This picture is looking north toward our woods.  I believe this tree is a Maple but not being there I can't identify it for sure.

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