Wednesday, October 20, 2010

On the Road Again . . .

The pole barn is finished, our well is in so we have water, electricity is in, and phone/DSL lines are run to the property. The time has come to move Load #1.

A 26' Budget rental truck, automatic diesel . Doug would have preferred a manual transmission but they just don't come that way. 

Doug and I worked from 5:00a.m. until about 7:00p.m. on Tuesday, October 19, 2011 loading this box. There were times I wondered what possessed us to keep so much stuff.  And this is only the first load. The house still looks full and now that so many shelves (books) and drawers are gone there is stuff just laying around in piles which must be dealt with.  In this picture the truck is about 1/2 full.  I never got a picture of the truck filled and ready to go. By 7:00p.m. I was so sore, tired, and hungry I wasn't thinking about pictures.

This is only a small amount of what was still left to put in the truck. It was these tail end items that seemed to take the longest. Perhaps because we were so tired we were moving more slowly? Perhaps because it really mattered how these final items were loaded - they needed to be secured and that took extra time. Perhaps because Doug knew there were still two large, heavy items that needed to go in last and he had to plan for them?

Doug pulled out about 5:30a.m. today, Wednesday, October 20 headed for Lake Ann, MI - 2250 miles east - and our new-to-us property.  This load will be stored in our newly completed pole barn (thanks to Matt Kroll and Kroll Contracting:).  In the meantime the house needs to be painted inside as well as all outside trim. Yard work needs to be done and everything needs a good cleaning. It will be a little easier with so much of our stuff gone. However, what is still left  is going to take another full truck load.  This probably won't happen until near the end of March 2011.

On my FB page I wrote: "I am a newly retired elementary school teacher working on a new set of life goals."

Moving onto land where we can grow our food, raise a few animals, live in the country with four distinct seasons, good water, and green: grass, trees, forests has been a long time goal for both of us. The time has finally come to begin to realize this dream.


  1. How exciting! Here's to progress towards your dream!

  2. Thank you, Cathy. My husband is now - 29 hours on the road and 1/2 way there. I did not go because I cannot travel like that - almost nonstop except for fuel. He knows that when it is time for all of us to go he is going to have to take his "patience pills" :D. With 2 dogs, 2 cats, and me he knows we will have to take 4-5 days with lots of rest stops, motels, and meals.