Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Big Move continues . . .

On Tuesday, October 19, 2010 Doug and I packed the rental truck with Load #1 for the first trip back to Michigan. This load is now stored in our new pole barn on our new property.

On the road - as Doug drove north the colors of Autumn became more beautiful and more pronounced.

Arrived at our property on Clara Lane Friday, October 22, 2010. This is Clara Lane - our property is at the very end - about 1/4 mile.  Trees this far north have lost most of their leaves.  Our land is located just a few minutes (as in latitude) south of the 45th parallel.  To be more precise: 44.75°N,  85.62°W

Our property - the house will be approximately where the little pile of dirt - center right - sits.  The pole barn is to the left of the picture, out of camera range.  The pines - center back - mark our east property line. There is a hay field beyond.

Now to get the truck unloaded and pile all this stuff in the pole barn. Fortunately the well drillers were there when Doug arrived and they helped him unload the two largest and heaviest items that were in the very back of the truck.

This is the "faucet" where we will get our water until the house is built and plumbed.  We will be able to hook this water into our new-to-us used Airstream (another post).

Beginning the unloading process into the pole barn.

Doug turned the empty truck in at a rental facility in Traverse City.  He then took a cab to the airport where he rented a car for the remainder of his stay. That stay turned out to be longer - 4 days longer - than originally planned as an incoming storm forced flight cancellations.

Our neighbors to the south came to say, "Hi" or perhaps they are saying, "Hey".  :D  One horse is obviously more curious than the other.  We don't know their names yet.  We wonder how Molly and Daisy will react?  They know the horses around our house in Eagle Roost but only from a distance and only when we are with them.

 Sorry, fella, no apples and no carrots - next time. :D

The next post will feature our 1988 new-to-us used Airstream. This trailer will be our temporary home here on our land while we are building our permanent home.


  1. I am so totally jealous! I have no horses, and I certainly did not know that you did! Do you really think that there may be problems with your horses adjusting to the new naaaaaaaaghbors?

    Meanwhile, I break ice each day for the horses out in the back forty, and wish that they were mine... poor things...

  2. Oh I so envy you the large barn! The things a girl longs for.....