Friday, November 22, 2013

"Are you ready for winter?", my husband, Doug, asked. . .

When the weather outside is frightful a fire is so delightful :D

We've had bits of snow, sleet, rain, hail, temps in the 20's and temps in the 60's, gray skies and brilliant sunshine with blue skies textured with clouds over the past two weeks. Today we awoke to a gentle but steady snowfall, soft gray skies and 30 degrees.  For the first time this season the snow is sticking, laying down gently on the trees frosting them in crystal.

Since I am just now recovering from a bit of a flu bug that attacked me while I slept one night earlier this week I'm in no hurry to venture out. Therefore . . .

. . . while this is going on outside

. . . this is what I'm doing inside

and this is what the Critter Kids are doing :D

Daisy (brown), Molly (black) and Oliver kitty napping on the couch while Ayla (below) enjoys the really big blankie on the floor all by herself. 

And where, you might ask, is Doug while all this relaxation at home is going on? He is at the marina on West Grand Traverse Bay, Traverse City (Michigan), helping the sailing crew of which he a member prepare the Tall Ship Madeline as well as the other ships owned by the Maritime Heritage Alliance for their long winter's sleep.  The smaller boats are out of the water at this time - the Madeline remains in the water covered in a blanket of shrink wrap -   all will receive plenty of TLC in preparation for next summer's sailing adventures. If you look at the albums (Tall Ship Madeline) Doug crewed on the Bay City 2013 sail. 

It's only been about 6-7 weeks since those beautiful warm final days of sailing to the snows of today.  Perhaps we'll have a short winter this year? :D

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  1. Nice blog Lindy... I love that all of your furniture looks like mine...covered with things that can be easily washed!! I hope winter is an easy one... but most of all I hope the short dark days pass quickly.