Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Moving In

On Thursday, October 20, 2011 we received a temporary certificate of occupancy which means we can legally move in and live in the house while the remainder of the work to complete the house for a permanent certificate is being done.  Those items include completing the solid maple staircase, building the greenhouse, decks, some of the knobs on interior doors and some trim.  There is also a tiny bit of electrical and plumbing to be completed by the subs. We also need to install our closet organizers as we have lots of closet space and no shelves in any of them. We have begun the closet project which is going to take more time and more $ than we expected.  I also must go through the entire house and touch-up paint everywhere the walls need some extra work.

First fire in our Vermont Castings "Intrepid"
Garage with its new "apron" (cement pad)

Doug is preparing to add the stone work to the lower portion - below the siding.
Our new kitchen :D. Sliding door to the right will go to the greenhouse.
Lazy Susan in the corner - I wonder how it ever got that name?
There must be a way to rotate this but there is no button marked "Rotate"?  Kitchen sink with view over adjacent field.
Master bedroom: slider will open onto a future deck, bifold doors = closet,  door at right enters into bathroom.
Standing at top of stairs looking down to the Entry. The white door leads to the garage. Bifold doors are closets.

Lower level bathroom + laundry
"The Big Maple" behind our house has lost most of its leaves in preparation for the coming winter.
South - our closest neighbor has horses. Trailer belongs to contractor. Future pond will go where the trailer is.

Doug is setting up a workspace to build the greenhouse.

Greenhouse will go here.

Our yard on east side of house. Hay field is beyond the trees and adjacent to our land on the east.

Hayfield - the dogs love to play here.

More of the hayfield.

Looking at the house from the hayfield.

The Girls: Molly (black) and Daisy (brown) enjoying their time in the hay field. The trees/woods behind our house are on our land. Trees to the right mark the boundary between our land and hay field.  The owners of this field gave us permission to let the girls play here. 


  1. Hooray! Look at you, in the house before the snow flies! Well done, both of you... (wait.... all four of you!) The space looks lovely and your surroundings are wonderful. Congratulations!

  2. Hi Sherrie. YUP! Moved in but still sort of camping out. Everything is in chaotic disarray and still so much work to be done before we can get a permanent certificate of occupancy. One step at a time :D

  3. I'm so happy for you Lindy! Your new home is beautiful, and I LOVE your kitchen too! ~ Lynda

  4. Thanks, Lynda. I kinda like that kitchen too. :D