Friday, August 12, 2011

Where Does the Time Go?

My eldest son, Brian, texted, "Mom, haven't seen any blog updates for awhile."  I thought he must not be paying attention because I had "just" posted a new blog, or so I thought.   However, as you can see from the previous post which I just published today it was from July 28 and I had forgotten to publish it. A lot has happened since then including the stark realization that we will not be able to move in by our contract date of Sept 1.  Not happy about this but nothing to do except roll with the punches.

The chimney for the future wood stove is now through the roof. It won't look so tall, awkward, and out of place once the cupola which will fit over the point of the roof is in place.  The cupola is necessary to vent the attic.

Looking at the back of the house. The mid-section is the back of the entry and to the far right is the garage. In the forefront is just a tiny pile of dirt. The piles in front of the house are really mountains.

Doug and Travis (plumber) are connecting pipes for the Geothermal.  Check out those trees. :D

Steve is sealing the outside of all windows.

The insulation people are here and will be working throughout this weekend.

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  1. Lindy, It looks like it is coming along quite well! Sorry about the set back on the move in though. Better slow but sure than hurried and perhaps not to the quality of your liking! Right?